Views from Dorchester Towers Condominium at 155 West 68th Street New York City

Different Exposures and Views from Dorchester Towers Condos at 155 West 68th Street


155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers condo was originally built in 1965 and the building itself sit on entire city block between Broadway and Amsterdam from 68th to 69th St, it’s an interesting shaped block which you can see below on the google map that we have provided.

This is Dorchester Towers Condominium at 155 West 68th Street

One of attractive feature of the building is that Dorchester Towers has a very convenient circular driveway located on 68th Street and there is a garage entrance on the 69th St side, so essentially the building U-Shaped on both the North and South Sides of the building.  On the Amsterdam Side of the Building(Western Exposure) there is a tower portion of the building going up to 35 floors.  Because of the unique design of the building, apartment views and layouts come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and exposures.

Often buyers say to us: “We are looking to buy an unit in Dorchester Towers Condominium, what are the exposures and Views like?” Frequent question by buyers who haven’t seen the building in person yet, but may have had friends or family who lived in the building previously and are now recommending it.

Below are some examples of apartment views from the Dorchester Towers.

Recently the request we have been receiving a lot more for is that, “I want to buy a Broadway facing apartment for sale at Dorchester Towers.” The Broadway side is definitely desirable, Eastern exposures bringing in morning light, Broadway has a nicely landscaped median and it is much wider than most New York City streets bringing in much more light and distance from neighborhing buildings.


On the Broadway side of the building, Dorchester Towers rises up to 21 residential floors, with the common roof deck located on the 22nd floor.  So depending on the apartment floor the view will be different.


The Amsterdam side with its Western exposure is also very unique.  Lots of Western light in the afternoons and even sunset views from the Tower Portion of the building are available


The Western exposures at Dorchester Towers bring in tremendous sunlight for a number of reasons.  Amsterdam Avenue is another street that is wider than the average New York City street, and from 68th to 69th Streets the adjacent building only rises 6 floors, so currently nothing blocks the view.


Finally here is a view from the circular driveway of the main entrance on 68th Street.  These views are the most difficult to obtain as the U-shaped aspect of the building creates a number of different exposures.  Seeing them in person is really the best way to get a feel for the exposure.


As one of the most active and successful real estate teams selling Apartments at Dorchester Towers, we have sold apartments facing every direction in the building and can talk in detail about what each view is like.  The Dorchester Towers Sales Market has been very hot as of late, the last apartment we sold had multiple offers.  With the lobby renovation in progress and the addition of a gym to the building, we anticipate even more demand for this already in-demand building.

Call us today if you are interested in buying or selling a Dorchester Towers Condominium Apartment at (917) 837-8869.



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